Пилинг-активатор для кожи головы "RE-GROW.Укрепление & рост волос"

for weakened hair

The first step in the RE-GROW system. Removes stubborn impurities from the scalp, gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, restores a healthy balance of moisture and lipids, and stimulates hair growth. Prepares for deep penetration of ingredients from subsequent care steps, enhancing their effect.

Active Ingredients:

Manchurian Ginseng Root: Strengthens roots and reduces hair loss, wakes up inactive follicles
Caffeine: stimulates the hair follicles
Biotin: Visibly accelerates hair growth when used regularly

Want to grow longer and give your tired hair back energy?

When you want to take care of dull, split ends, weakened hair, return them to a healthy, well-groomed look, quickly grow the desired length.

Only the root of ginseng contains a complex of tonic active glycosides of dammaran, which can strengthen the hair follicle and accelerate hair growth.

Peeling activator for scalp "RE-GROW. Strengthening & hair growth"

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  • 120 ml

  • divide the hair into 6-8 parts. Apply peeling to the formed partings. Spread over the skin with light massage movements and leave for 10 minutes. Wash off the product
    plenty of water and start applying RE-GROW Hair Tonic. For best results use with other RE-GROW products.