Пилинг для кожи головы LIMONNIK&GINSENG BIOTIN

Professional peeling LIMONNIK & GINSENG BIOTIN deeply cleanses the scalp, strengthens the nutrition of hair roots and strengthens them, stimulates the growth of healthy and strong hair, increases the effectiveness of other hair growth products.

Nanai Schisandra Organic Hydrolate tones the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and stimulates their growth.

Siberian ginseng biotin nourishes the scalp, activating the growth of healthy hair.

Organic sagan daila extract tones and strengthens hair, fills them with energy and volume.

Kuril Ginger Organic Extract is a powerful energetic that improves root nutrition and promotes enhanced hair growth.

Taurine awakens dormant hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Vitamin B6-B12 and PP complex gives your hair strength and a luxurious glow.


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  • 100 ml