Питательная алтайская медовая маска для окрашенных волос

Altai Honey Hair Mask was created especially for dyed hair. Based on natural bio-ingredients, it intensively nourishes and helps to restore hair structure, protecting it from negative impacts. Helps to prevent colour fading, makes hair stronger and shinier. Organic floral honeyis a source of vitamins, microelements and active ingredients that revitalize and strengthen hair. It restores hair natural elasticity, strength and softness. Organic beeswax replenishes damaged hair imperfections, helps to prevent colour fading and restore your hair natural shine. Propolis extract is a unique source of energy and strength, a super active natural toning product. It nourishes and revitalizes hair, restores its vitality and shine.

Altai Honey Hair Mask

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  • the hair is extremely soft and noticeably shinier; the color is protected from leaching and retains saturation up to 10 weeks.

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