Профессиональная маска MINT& BERЁZA PRO-PEPTID для жирных волос

The professional mask-detox MINT & BERÖZA PRO-PEPTID based on Siberian peppermint organic hydrolyte is specially designed for deep care of oily hair. Light refreshing formula normalizes the balance of the scalp, fights against dandruff, gives silkiness, volume and natural shine.

- Siberian mint is a unique source of menthol and tannins, which are necessary for the care of oily hair. Siberian peppermint organic hydrolyte normalizes the balance of the scalp, gives a luxurious volume and a long-lasting feeling of freshness.
- Polar birch is the most stable birch species that can survive in the harsh climate of the Far North. It has a unique ability to retain moisture, and also contains rare vitamins and minerals. Polar birch pro-peptide is the marketing name for a protein extracted from young birch buds of polar birch. This ingredient deeply moisturizes the scalp and hair, makes them silky and manageable, and is also a conditioning additive that smoothes the hair cuticle. The polar birch pro-peptide deeply moisturizes the scalp, makes hair silky and voluminous.
- Northern blue moss contains a record amount of volatile, freshens hair and has beneficial effects on the scalp.
- Retinol is one of the most useful vitamins for oily hair, which regulates the balance of the scalp and helps fight dandruff.
- The mineral complex zinc + sulfur reduces oily hair and prevents the reappearance of dandruff.

Professional mask MINT & BERÖZA PRO-PEPTID for oily hair

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