Профессиональная сыворотка LIMONNIK & GINSENG BIOTIN

Professional serum LIMONNIK & GINSENG BIOTIN stimulates hair growth and makes them thicker. Its rich formula tones the scalp, strengthens the roots and intensively strengthens and smoothes the hair structure along the entire length.


∙ Organic Nanai lemongrass hydrolate tones the scalp, strengthens hair roots and stimulates their growth.


∙ Biotin Siberian ginseng nourishes the scalp, activating the growth of healthy hair.

∙ Organic Sagan dyle extract tones and strengthens hair, fills them with energy and volume.

∙ Organic Uighur fern extract moisturizes and protects hair during hot styling.

∙ Taurine awakens dormant hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.


∙ Vitamin complex B6-B12 and PP fills the hair with strength and gives a luxurious Shine.

Professional serum for hair LIMONNIK & GINSENG BIOTIN

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  • 100 ml