Профессиональный мусс OBLEPIKHA & KEDR PRO-KERATIN для поврежденных волос

Professional mousse OBLEPIKHA & KEDR PRO-KERATIN on the organic hydrolyte of Altai sea buckthorn restores the structure of damaged hair, adds volume, protects the hair from heat and makes it more dense, elastic and shiny.
- Altai sea buckthorn, due to its ability to adapt to the harsh conditions of Siberia, accumulates a record amount of vitamins and valuable amino acids, and several times surpasses carrots and citrus fruits in the content of vitamins A and C. The rich nutritional composition of the hydrolyte of Altai sea buckthorn restores the structure of the hair, fills them with strength and protects against stresses of the metropolis.
- Organic Siberian cedar oil stimulates the formation of keratin in the hair, makes the hair denser and stronger, gives it a healthy and well-groomed appearance, and facilitates combing.
- The extract of wild Khan plantain has long been known among the indigenous peoples of Siberia for its regenerative ability. It moisturizes the hair, strengthens the entire length and gives them elasticity.
- Arginine is an amino acid that is valuable for the health and beauty of hair, envelops hair along its entire length, seals damage and gives a luxurious shine.
- Vitamin complex B3, B6 and C contains the most valuable and necessary vitamins for the restoration of damaged hair, makes hair more resistant to external influences.

Professional mousse OBLEPIKHA & KEDR PRO-KERATIN for damaged hair

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  • 150 ml


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