Санитайзер для рук и лица "Gold"

We decided to make the sanitizer effective, luxurious and gentle.

We succeeded!

Our sanitizer works without alcohol, which means it does not dry the skin.

MICROSYN® PHMB 20 is based on - the ACTIVE SUBSTANCE GUANIDINE kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria , including personal hygiene measures and disinfection of premises, for the prevention of diseases caused by coronaviruses. It is enhanced by a solution of colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is a powerful antiseptic that destroys harmful bacteria and inhibits their spread.


Apply the sanitizer regularly: before and after every step outside and even after picking up packages from couriers.


It's definitely not worth worrying!


The sanitizer is so gentle that it can even be applied to the face, avoiding the eye area. The skin remains hydrated, and as a pleasant bonus, the scent of sandalwood pleases.

Sanitizer for hands and face "Gold"

RUB 399.00Price
  • 50 ml