Северный бальзам "HUNTER BALM" natura siberica aphoteca

Soothing balm after insect and mosquito bites

Natural certified Northern balsam is an effective remedy after insect bites on a complex of wild northern Siberian herbs. Soothes the skin at the site of bites from the first minutes after application, helps to eliminate irritation and redness

Active ingredients

• White northern moss has antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and antiviral effects.
• Arctic wormwood helps relieve itching after insect bites
• Icemint cools and refreshes the skin, soothes irritated skin.
• Wild spicy cloves are a powerful natural antiseptic and anesthetic. Improves skin immunity

Northern balm "HUNTER BALM"

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  • Apply a small amount of balm to the skin at the site of the bite, rubbing in until it is completely absorbed

  • 15 ml; 100 ml