Скраб-пилинг для тела "Снежная клюква" натура сиберика

The energy of juicy Siberian berries and the power of the wild taiga forest. The Snow Cranberry body scrub perfectly renews and evens out the skin, restores its youthfulness and gives it a beautiful glow, leaving a light invigorating scent.

Wild taiga cranberry is rich in folic acid and antioxidants. It actively moisturizes and saturates the skin with vitamins, speeds up metabolism, improves skin color, giving it a natural glow.

AHA acids from taiga cranberry and lingonberry accelerate skin renewal, providing a delicate exfoliating effect, promote collagen synthesis, restoring its youthfulness. The skin is transformed and becomes smooth and satin.

The brine salt from the bottom of Siberian lakes enhances immunity and has a powerful lymphatic drainage effect. The concentration of active substances is more than 30 times higher than in the salt of the Dead Sea.

Body scrub "Snow Cranberry"

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