Смягчающий крем для ног на лосином молоке

Softening foot cream prepared with organic elk milk. Thick and fat, rich in vitamins and proteins, natural moose milk has a strong tonic and regenerative effect. Vitamin A-rich natural beeswax, slowly absorbed into the skin, creates a protective film that slows down the dehydration process, making the skin soft, smooth and supple. Daurian peppermint oil tones and soothes the skin of the legs. Essential oil of cedar elfin - the magic tree of shamans of the Far East - relieves swelling and fatigue. White camellia oil is rich in linoleic acid, which is not produced by the skin, but is necessary for it to increase elasticity and firmness.

Softening foot cream on elk milk

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  • Apply a small amount of cream to dry, clean skin of the feet with light massaging movements.