Супер–восстанавливающая маска для волос Wild Siberica

Super –recovering hair mask is prepared on the milk of Tuvan yak and extracts of oils of wild Siberian herbs. Thick, saturated, rich in proteins and sugar, Tuvinian yak milk is twice as fat as cow milk, its beneficial substances will strengthen and soften hair, renew and refresh the skin. Enriched with vitamins that were originally laid in the grain to resume a new life, wheat germ oil will rejuvenate the driest and brittle hair. Hand-made natural wild honey will recharge your hair with the energy of a bee swarm. Burdock oil will help restore metabolism and accelerate hair growth. Extract of sagan daila, a flower of shamans and ancient warriors, has a strong tonic and healing effect. Nettle seed oil will give hair shine and volume.

Super – restoring hair mask Wild Siber

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  • After just a few uses, the hair will become soft and supple, strong and healthy, shiny and beautiful.

  • 180 ml