Wolf Power – Super Toning Face Cream

Organic Northern Mint, Sakhalin Limonnik and 100% Taurin.


Super toning face cream “Wolf Power” is made for men who are strong, brave and self-confident!

An active formula is of a selective action as it  has been developed  to satisfy specific needs of men’s skin.

Extract of Sakhalin Limonnik being Siberian famous adaptogenic plant together with panthenol provide rejuvenating effect, make skin more elastic and refresh the complexion. Organic northern mint immediately brings you to life, minimizes swelling and blush.100% taurin effectively tones your skin charging it with youth and power.

Super toning face cream “Wolf Power” is a perfect skin protection against stress, fatigue and an unfavorable influence of the city. The cream intensively nourishes skin, enhances it elasticity, immediately refreshes the complexion and gives you energy all day long.

Wolf Power – Super Toning Face Cream

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  • Apply a small amount of cream in the morning on clean skin. The cream is suitable for daily use.