Тоник-гидролат KRASNIKA&AMARANT PRO-OIL для окрашенных волос

The KRASNIKA & AMARANT PRO-OIL professional spray, based on the hydrolyte of the Kuril dye and a complex of bioactive substances, restores the structure of dyed hair, gives it a brilliant shine, maintains brightness and color depth, facilitates combing, and protects against thermal effects during hot styling.

- Kuril krasnik, due to unique volcanic soils and underground thermal springs, contains a record amount of vitamin C and minerals. Organic hydrolyte of the Kuril dye effectively tones, strengthens and restores vitality to the hair after dyeing, and also protects from the negative effects of the environment, while maintaining a saturated color for up to 6 weeks.
- Organic Siberian amaranth oil contains 7 times more beauty vitamins B, E and D than olive oil, nourishes the hair along its entire length, without making them heavier, gives elasticity and shine, makes combing easier.
- Wild Maral root strengthens hair, stimulates growth and creates a luxurious volume.
- Bio-ceramides effectively restore the structure of colored hair, giving them strength and smoothness.
- Vitamin complex A and E actively nourish and moisturize hair, prevent the ends from being cut, and restore smoothness and elasticity.

KRASNIKA & AMARANT PRO-OIL tonic hydrolate for colored hair

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  • 125 ml