Тоник-гидролат LIMONNIK&GINSENG BIOTIN для всех типов волос

The LIMONNIK & GINSENG BIOTIN professional spray based on the hydrolyte of Nanai Schisandra and a complex of bioactive substances activates hair growth, making hair noticeably denser, thicker and shinier, easier to comb and protects hair throughout the day.

- Nanai schisandra, growing in the Far East and in China, is known as a court plant of the Chinese emperors, of which miracles are legendary. Nanai Schisandra hydrolyte is saturated with organic acids, essential oils, vitamins B, C and E. Effectively tones the scalp, strengthens hair roots and stimulates their growth.
- Organic Siberian Ginseng extract contains vitamin Biotin, which is essential for hair beauty, which penetrates the hair structure, stimulates the production of keratin and collagen, and makes hair more thick and voluminous.
- Sagan daila is a rare plant of the Sayan highlands, whose name in Buryat means “prolonging life”. The organic extract of saigan daila contains several times more natural antioxidants than grapes, tones and strengthens hair, fills them with energy and volume.
- Taurine is a valuable amino acid that prevents hair loss, awakens dormant hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.
- Vitamin B6, B12 and PP complex fills the hair with strength and gives a luxurious shine.

LIMONNIK & GINSENG BIOTIN Hydrolate Toner for all hair types

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  • 125 ml