Травный бальзам "MAGIC FOREST BALM" натура сиберика

For tired feet

Natural certified herbal balm designed to relax tired feet and relieve discomfort after exertion or long walking in uncomfortable shoes. Returns a comfortable feeling of lightness and coolness to your feet.

Active Ingredients:

• Siberian fir - tones up and softens, helps relieve leg fatigue
• Camphor - cools, has analgesic effect, gives a feeling of comfort and freshness
• Mint forest sage - removes dry feet and prevents corns
• Siberian juniper oil - relieves the feeling of heaviness and discomfort. Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the feet, reduces the formation of abrasions and calluses


PriceFrom RUB 259.00
  • Apply a small amount of balm with massage movements on the skin of the legs, rubbing in until it is completely absorbed.

  • 15 ml; 100 ml