Укрепляющий БИО-шампунь

Strengthening shampoo based on uryanhai sea buckthorn and Rhodiola rosea gently and delicately cleanses the hair, neutralizing the harmful effects of the environment and providing reliable protection. Uryanhai sea buckthorn grows in the Far North and withstands the most severe natural conditions. In its composition — a unique complex of vitamins and amino acids that provide hair strength and natural strength and protect them from the harmful effects of the environment. Hair becomes noticeably thicker, decreases the brittleness of hair and no more dry ends. Rhodiola rosea (Golden root) contains about 140 biologically active components — phytosterols, flavonoids, organic acids, essential oil, wax and trace elements, and has a strengthening and stimulating effect on the hair, giving a sense of purity and freshness.

Firming BIO-shampoo

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