Чай MIND BALANCE Антистресс Natura Siberica

89% less stress**

Helps relieve stress, uplifting and adjusts to positive thoughts. Taiga casilan give a warm and spicy aroma. Leaves of Siberian yarrow soothe, promote relaxation. Mountain Kuril tea restores the body, restores strength. Aroma Altai mint relieves stress.


The herbs for the tea have been collected by the trackers face Primakovym in the village Katase, 300 km from the capital of Tuva the city of Kyzyl. Here, in the endless Tuvan taiga, hundreds of kilometers around only the forest, you can not get by car - only rafting on the rapids and a helicopter. Permyakovs family manually collects wild herbs, flowers and berries, which absorbed all the power and energy of wildlife.


** based on own assessment of 30 respondents.

Tea MIND BALANCE Antistress

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  • casillan of the taiga, the Siberian yarrow leaves, black currant leaves, mountain Kuril tea, Altai mint, green tea.

  • 100 g


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