Improves mental activity by 79% **

Charges with explosive energy of a wild taiga, stimulates mental activity, raises mood. Sagan Dyle awakens, activates the brain, improves memory. Altai mint gives strength, tones and strengthens the body. Flowers taiga geranium envelop spicy aroma and relieve fatigue.



The herbs for the tea have been collected by the trackers face Primakovym in the village Katase, 300 km from the capital of Tuva the city of Kyzyl. Here, in the endless Tuvan taiga, hundreds of kilometers around only the forest, you can not get by car - only rafting on the rapids and a helicopter. Permyakovs family manually collects wild herbs, flowers and berries, which absorbed all the power and energy of wildlife.


** based on own assessment of 30 respondents.

Tea MORNING BOOSTER invigorating

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  • leaves Sagan Dail, Altai mint, flowers of taiga geranium, sea buckthorn berries, black tea.

  • 100 g