Экстра-питательный крем для тела Wild Siberica

Extra-nourishing body cream prepared with organic moose milk. Thick and fat, rich in vitamins and proteins, natural moose milk has a strong nourishing and moisturizing effect, it will heal and strengthen the skin of the body, make it supple and beautiful. The extract of Tibetan kachima, wild, wayward, mountainous, healing herbs smooth and soften the skin. Semisilnik extract has a strong tonic effect. One of the main secrets of medieval beauties - wild carrot seed oil - will rejuvenate the skin.

Wild Siberica Extra Nourishing Body Cream

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  • After several applications of the cream, the skin of the body will become healthier and younger, the natural ingredients of the cream will increase its elasticity and firmness.

  • 180 ml