16 в 1 сибирский крем Шаман

Anti-age face for men according to the original recipe of the shaman Choigan Uday.

Siberian Shaman Cream for face for all occasions, in which we managed to maintain the healing power of wild Siberian herbs, provides effective skin care and protection from the effects of adverse environmental factors.

One cream solves 16 problems:
- Intensively nourishes the skin
- Promotes rejuvenation
- Gives the skin a healthy glow
- Improves complexion
- moisturizes
- Restores skin elasticity
- Removes traces of fatigue
- Protects from frost
- Stimulates the protective function of the skin
- protects from the sun
- Soothes irritated skin
- Tightens enlarged pores
- Prevents peeling of the skin
- Eliminates dry skin
- Prevents the formation of acne and black spots
- Prevents the appearance of age spots

16 in 1 Siberian Cream Shaman

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  • 100 ml