GOLD OF TUVA "Золото Тувы" natura siberica

Wild and controversial, allowing you to walk along the edge of what is permitted and expand your boundaries, the GOLD OF TUVA fragrance from NATURA SIBERICA, inspired and filled with the energy of the very heart of Siberia, at first glance restrained, but preserving an all-consuming passion and love. The interweaving of cultures give rise to a mysterious and multifaceted union embodied in a fragrance that slightly opens the curtain of mystery of magnificent Tuva with each note. Top notes are the border crossing and the first long-awaited date: the tart, bitter bergamot is complemented by the camphor freshness of cardamom. The intrigue of their union is created by confident and scorching notes of black pepper. The heart of the fragrance, like the heart of Tuva itself, into which only a select few are allowed, is filled with a truly Siberian mood. The notes of Tuvan cedar create a noble sound of coniferous forest with its unique freshness, warm and warming coriander playfully lures into its passionate and gentle embrace. The unique Tuvan tea Suttug Shai shares with the aroma unexpected and original woody notes with a subtle citrus shade. The wild plant Sagan Daila, grown off the coast of the Kaa-Khem River, conveys the very atmospheric notes of herbs and protected Tuvan places. Basic notes, like the foothills of the Sayan Mountains, are opened only to experienced and patient travelers, as a long-awaited award - longed-for and memorable. Sweet and sensual musk reminds of earthly joys, delicate and elegant notes of sandalwood inspire and inspire, push for revelation, allowing you to reveal the most hidden corners of the soul. A rich and thick incense, as the final chord of a journey through the great and mysterious Tuva - return home, where they are always waiting.


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