NUIT EN SIBÉRIE «Ночь в Сибири»

Sometimes it seems that some men have a truly inhuman, magical appeal. And this attraction can only be compared with how the trembling doe of the legs of a wild animal in the Siberian night forest attracts. But who knows what the true secret of such appeal is? Perhaps the answer lies in the mysterious scents of the night, which make you completely lose your head. The strong and energetic woody and spicy men's fragrance NUIT EN SIBÉRIE from Natura Siberica falls in love with the first notes: bergamot, tangerine and cardamom attract attention and captivate, pink pepper and juniper hint that a tender and vulnerable heart is hidden under the harsh mask of a night seducer. The chords of Tuvan’s artysh and elemy enter into trance, and the notes of incense, patchouli and vetiver finally disarm and at the same time give confidence in the passion of the arms of a new mysterious lover.


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