S.O.S бальзам "BEESWAX BALM" apotheca natura siberica

Superfood for very dry, irritated skin

Natural SOS balm has an instant moisturizing effect, relieves the feeling of tightness, softens and nourishes the skin, creates invisible protection from external negative influences.
The melting, enveloping texture of the balm is quickly absorbed and gives the skin an instant feeling of softness and comfort.

Active Ingredients:

• Oil of white Siberian cedar -, contains a record amount of the vitamin of youth -E. Nourishes, regenerates and softens the skin
• Dahurian wild rose oil - vitamin cocktail of beauty for the skin, contains a record amount of antioxidants. Leaves skin hydrated, soft and velvety
• Taiga royal jelly - deeply penetrates the skin, promotes rapid healing of irritated and dry skin
• Wax of wild bees - a natural antiseptic, forms an invisible film on the skin, protecting against external negative influences


PriceFrom RUB 259.00
  • Apply a small amount of balm evenly to problem areas, rub lightly into the skin and allow to fully absorb.

  • 15 ml; 100 ml