SAFRAN DE SIBÉRIE «Сибирский шафран»

French masters of perfumery art, inspired by precious saffron, which is worth its weight in gold, have created an analogue in no way inferior to it in the form of the female fragrance SAFRAN DE SIBÉRIE from Natura Siberica. Siberian flowers give their beauty to the world in extremely harsh conditions, so a persistent Siberian character hides behind their apparent tenderness. So is SAFRAN DE SIBÉRIE - among the soft and sweet notes of an Arctic rose and peony it hides tart and complex chords of bergamot and pink pepper, like a mysterious and seductive beauty, intrigues with notes of musk, jasmine and vetiver, and then suddenly sobers chords from suddenly surging senses and chords patchouli. Flirty dressed in aroma.


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