SIBÉRIE MON AMOUR «Сибирь, любовь моя»

Love that grants lightness and fills you with strength, like a breath of clean ringing air in the Siberian forest, like the rays of the sun breaking through pine paws. The fresh spicy pepper flavor of the unisex SIBÉRIE MON AMOUR by Natura Siberica gives that very feeling of light love. The notes of lemongrass, white wormwood and pepper invigorate, excite and refresh, wild mint and rosemary give harmony and an incredible sense of freedom, as if wings had grown behind you and you can soar right now over the boundless green sea of the Siberian forest. The final chords of musk and ambergris give a feeling of confidence, which is possible only with mutual love. And Siberia, no doubt, always reciprocates.


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